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q•EvaGreen® HRM qPCR Mix

Catalog No. Description Volume Size
QGHNR-01 q•EvaGreen qPCR HRM mix, no ROX 1 mL 250 reactions
QGHWR-01 q•EvaGreen qPCR HRM mix, with ROX 1 mL 250 reactions
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q•EvaGreen® HRM qPCR Mix is an optimized ready-to-use solution for High Resolution Melt incorporating the EvaGreen® intercalating dye. The master mix contains q•Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase and dNTPS in an optimized 5X PCR buffer. It is available with ROX as a passive reference dye, no ROX, or ROX in a separate vial. Only template and primers need to be added.

Recommended Reaction Mix

Recommended PCR Mix:

Component Conc. Volume FinaL Conc.
q•EvaGreen qPCR Mix 5X 4 µL 1X
Primer, forward 10 µmol/µL 0.16-0.5 µL 80-250 nM
Primer, reverse 10 µmol/µL 0.16-0.5 µL 80-250 nM
Template DNA 1-5 µL 1-50 ng/µL
Nuclease-free water variable
Total 20 µL

For complete usage instructions download full User Protocol.

Recommended Instrument Protocol

Recommended Instrument Protocol:

Cycle Step Temperature Time Cycles
Initial denaturation 95°C 15 min 1
Denaturation 95°C 15 s 40
Annealing 60-65°C 20 s
Extension 72°C 20 s

For complete usage instructions download full User Protocol.

  • Environmentally green: No shipping on ice required. Reduces packaging waste by 75%!

  • Nuclease-free Water Included: All mixes include sufficient RNase and DNase Free water for recommended reaction volume.

  • Universal: Compatible with most real-time PCR instruments, including those from Applied Biosystems, Qiagen, Bio-Rad, and Roche.