Q: How much qARTA master mix do I need in my reaction?

Details of the recommended master mix can be found in each of our User Protocols.
For a 5X mix and a 20uL reaction volume use 20 µL / 5 = 4 µL.
For a 10X mix and a 20 µL reaction volume use 20 µL / 10 = 2 µL.

Q: Why don't qARTA qPCR mixes come in 2X?

The 5X concentration is an integral part of being able to ship our products without ice to save transportation time and costs.

Q: My Cq value when using qARTA's EvaGreen mix is higher than when using my standard SYBRGreen mix?

In melt curve analysis, qARTA EvaGreen mixes usually show a higher melting temperature because EvaGreen has a different chemistry than SYBRGreen. The Tm is usually 2°C higher.

Q: The qARTA PCR master mix had a low yield or no PCR product at all. Why?

This may be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Poor template integrity
  • Low template purity
  • Insufficient template quantity
  • Faulty primers
  • Anealing
  • Extension
  • Non-specific PCR product