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1000X qARTAcillin™

Catalog No. Description Volume Size
R111 1000X qARTAcillin 1 mL 0
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qARTAcillin™ is a specially optimized antibiotic for expression studies that yields satellite-free colonies. It is a direct replacement for traditional antibiotics like Ampicillin or Methicillin.

Recommended Protocol

Recommended Usage Protocol:

1. Dissolve 1 mL of 1000X qARTAcillin solution per 1 L agar media. Adjust ratio as appropriate.
2. Continue to use agar media as you normally would.

For complete usage instructions download full User Protocol.

  • Environmentally green: No shipping on ice required. Reduces packaging waste by 75%!

  • Non-Toxic: No DMSO, No DMF